Tonight on Steele and Ungar!

Rick Tyler is in for Michael Steele tonight so we’ve got an All-Rick show from 6-9 pm ET!


In the first hour, the guys talk about Trump’s tweet about Nordstrom, Conway telling people to buy Ivanka Trump’s stuff on Fox News and conflict of interest in the White House. Kathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University (St. Louis), will join us. She’s a leading expert on legal ethics and serves on the D.C. Bar Rules of Professional Conduct Review Committee. We’ll take your calls to round out the hour.

We’ll start the second hour of the show by talking about organized labor and how President Trump has succeeded in building support from trade unions and organized labor, traditionally a linchpin of democratic electoral success. GOP elders like Hank Paulson and James Baker have been floating a carbon tax proposal that could be a win-win for both the GOP and the fight against climate change. We’ll delve into that story and take your calls as well.

Naveed Jamali, a former counterintelligence officer, joins us in the third hour to talk about an intriguing story. The CIA has come out against designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization because it could fuel extremism. Naveed will help us understand the different aspects and intricacies involved on the ground. Lastly, we’ll touch on Trump’s twitter attack on Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Neil Gorsuch’s comments regarding Trump’s attack on Judge Robart. We wrap up the show with your calls.

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