About the Show

Steele & Ungar is a two-hour show that airs Monday to Friday from 7-9 pm ET with friends Michael Steele, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee and current MSNBC political contributor, and Rick Ungar, senior political contributor at Forbes. com and Newsmax TV and a long-time Democrat. Steele & Ungar take on the week’s top stories by bringing their considerable political knowledge to bear on the issues and political races along with bringing you a variety of guests including top newsmakers and experts.  It is not your average political talk show as Steele & Ungar seeks to entertain and inform without all the political posturing and screaming that so often dominates talk radio today.  Listeners can call into the show at 866-96-POTUS (866-967-6887), where points of view on all sides of an issue are welcomed and explored.