Most growers want to build the weed garden indoors but hydroponically. If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to deal with. If you are growing marijuana on your own, it’s not essential to concern about the quantity and quality.

The reason is that you get to choose the weed strains. There are many different methods. So, you will want to grow the weed indoors and outdoors. The fact is that all the methods of hydroponics growing have both advantages and disadvantages. Now, let’s check out this post to learn how to grow weed hydroponically.

What is Hydroponics Growing?

Most of the beginners want to understand exactly how to grow weed hydroponically. Actually, the hydroponic system is related to cultivating and harvesting in a water-based as well as in a nutrient-rich solution. Therefore, we can’t use soil in this situation.

In this product, a nutrient solution plays an important role in the roots of the plant. It actually ensures the right growth.

The Advantages of Hydroponics Weed Growing for Beginners

Hydroponics growing of weed brings a lot of benefits. Now, let’s take a look at them below:

Fast Growth

Through the hydroponics weed growing, you can ensure that your plants are growing faster compared to traditional methods. The fact is that your plant’s root has direct contact with the nutrients. This allows your plants to absorb more of it.

According to most of the experts, weed as well as marijuana plants grow 20% faster in hydroponics when compared to in soil.

Large Quantity

This method helps you to harvest in large quantities. In this situation, it’s about more than 20-25% of the yields compared to soil growth. Also, each plant requires less space for its growth.

No Weeds

As a grower, you normally need to have a tough time to clean up the mess from the overgrowth of weeds. It’s important to keep a check on the growth. Then, pull out if it’s in the soil. When it comes to hydroponics growing, it’s not essential to concern about this case because there is no overgrowth of weeds because of no soil.

Less Disease and Pests

Soil-Borne diseases can damage many plants. However, the hydroponics growing can prevent you from this risk because there’s no soil used in. In fact, there is a lot of diseases that can be the result of using soil. It’s also difficult for growers to control the environment.

The Disadvantages of Hydroponics Weed Growing

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of benefits you can get from hydroponics weed growing. However, it also has some drawbacks. First, this method is expensive because you will have to set everything up. Moreover, you will have to take you much time if you want to set the system on a larger scale.

Besides, it can cause enormous-scale damage to the plants when it has any pump failure. The last disadvantage of this method is the high cost of maintenance and setup.

How to Grow Weed Hydroponically

How to germinate the seeds?

If you plan to grow hydroponics weeds on a large-scale basis, it’s important to set up a garden inside your grow room. It’s easy to shop for marijuana seeds online. The cost you have to pay depends on the strain you choose.

Therefore, be careful with the strain. We recommend you to set up the hydroponics garden. At the same time, check whether everything is working or not. And, it’s not essential to consider sprouting clones if you use clones instead of seeds.

There are various mediums available out there for the growth of the plant. Rockwool is known as one of the most popular media. It is actually good support even when it doesn’t give nutrition.

The seed should be put in the midst of the nutrient solution. Then, you need to sink about 70% of the cube in the water. Allow it to germinate. If you see the seed is growing, take it out the roots. Then, put them in the nutrient medium for the growth.

Vegetative Phase

Once the germination process is done, it’s time for your marijuana to develop to the vegetative phase. During this stage, their roots become long. Also, they grow their leaves assuring photosynthesis. And, they are going to the budding phase.

In this phase, it’s important to offer light for about 18-24 hours. Therefore, you need to put up the lamp 20 inches above your plants to avoid drying. Besides, you can reduce the distance basing on the height you want.

This stage is best for indoor hydroponics. Normally, the vegetative phase can last for about 2-4 weeks. Each plan can be able to grow about 6 inches per day if you give the ideal condition in the grow room. However, it’s also necessary to maintain the optimal conditions of the garden.

Light Phase

Most of the experts choose to use the blue light because it can be used to prevent stretching. If you don’t give your plant sufficient blue light, it may cause massive space between the branches. As a result, there is a weakening of the plants.

You can consider using HPS lights that offer a lot of blue light. However, the two most used choices in the light phase are the MH lamps and LED lamps. You can also use CFL for better results.

When to Switch to Flowering

This depends on you. In fact, some growers want to switch to flowering from buds within 2 weeks, while some others prefer switching after 3-4 months. This switching is entirely a matter of personal choice.

The Best Time to Harvest

This phase has an impact on the active substance in the weed. There are two components of the buds, including CBD and THC. If you let this stage occur too early, it can cause lower concentrations. However, it can cause damage to the substance due to accumulating it for long.

Therefore, every grower needs to be careful in this phase because it can make an impact on the quality of the weed. The ideal time for this stage depends on your plants.


If you prefer to grow your own strains and enjoy your weed better, it’s time to think about the hydroponic system. It’s just for you. This is actually a fast-rising method you should consider because of its benefits such as easy plant management and a controlled environment.

In the above guide, we have just discussed what you need to know when starting growing weed hydroponically. Now, you are ready, let’s start to grow weed hydroponically!

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