A rotary washing line plays an important role for everyone, especially for those who hate doing their laundry at home. It is designed to help your clothes dry quickly. Also, it ensures to offer you a good surrounding for fresh air throughout your laundry.

It may not be easy to choose a good rotary washing line. You may wonder how long a rotary washing line can last. To help you answer this question, we’re here today. Moreover, we’re going to introduce you top 5 best rotary washing lines on the market now. Then, you can make the best choice.

Benefits of Having Rotary Washing Line

You should use a rotary washing line to dry your clothes while it doesn’t take too much space in your home. Here are some other benefits you can get from having a rotary washing line:

Increase your cloth’s lifespan

This model operates by using the natural energy of sunlight to allow your clothes to dry. Therefore, these models are gentle on your clothes compared to dryers. This will also help to increase the lifespan of your clothes.

Ease of setting up

They don’t require a complex installation process. Therefore, this is a more convenient solution for you compared to normal dryers.

Affordable choice

These models don’t need electricity to perform. Therefore, they can help you save money. As a result, you can free up your wallets for other things. Moreover, this is also an environmentally-friendly option since it only uses natural sunlight as well as wind to dry your clothes.

Prevent Germ and Bacterial on clothes

As you know, sunlight works well in killing off the germs as well as the bacterial that can be on your clothes.

How Long Can a Rotary Washing Line Last?

Well, this is decided by the type of rotary washing line you have bought because not all products are made equally. Since you will keep your rotary washing line outside, you should go for a durable product. It should be durable enough to fight the conditions outside like the bad weather conditions.

We recommend you to look for one made of steel or aluminum since they can prevent rusting. The lines you choose should be constructed with UV-resistant plastic to fight the wear and tear from the sunlight impacts.

Top 5 Best Rotary Washing Lines Reviews

1. Brabantia Rotary Lift-O-Matic Advance Washing Line

This is a non-slip washing line. It doesn’t you to reposition your clothes because its arms can rotate smoothly. It has a length of 60 meters. It is constructed with a firm mount that includes a plastic tube to avoid corrosion resulted from rust when you leave the model outside.

Moreover, this washing line also comes with a protective cover to keep it always clean and dry. Therefore, this durable product is sure to be worth your money.


  • Without the movement of your wet clothes because of the ability to turn smoothly of its arms
  • Always stay clean thanks to the protective cover
  • Spacious for adjusting the length as your height
  • Let you keep your heavy cloths because of its low position
  • Included with hanger holes
  • Be able to fight any weather conditions
  • Comes with replaceable lines


  • Not suitable for a building wall like a balcony

2. Vileda Supadry Hoist Rotary Airer

This rotary line comes with four arms. It is designed to ensure the line firm as well as straight. Also, it offers extra strength thanks to its rectangular shape. You can fold it with ease for storage when not in use.

It is sure to provide the vertical adjustment because of the hoist mechanism. You also haven’t to worry about rust due to its galvanized steel frame. It’s great for a family setting because it offers a larger hanging space. It allows you to hang your clothes with ease thanks to its hangers hooked on the arms.


  • Powerful outer lines
  • Comes with three outer lines to support heavy clothing
  • Easy of storage
  • Comes with the turntable hoist handle


  • Only stable with the use of concrete on the ground because of the large size

3. Extra Large 3 Arm 60 Metre Rotary Washing Line

This washing line is one of the best rotary washing lines because it can accommodate not only professional tasks but also home-based tasks. You can use this washing line to hang a whole family’s wash. It also allows you to hang several towels as well as duvets.

You can adjust the height of this washing line up to 1.96m. It means that you can hang long clothes like bedsheets. Moreover, it comes with three arms of 60 meters. Therefore, it ensures to offer enough space for your clothes. Also, you can fold the washing line when it’s not in use.


  • Features large space for large clothes like duvets
  • Offers room for an additional hanging load
  • Be galvanized to fight corrosion
  • Affordable price


  • Limited shipment to some locations because of the large size

4. Brabantia WallFix Retractable Washing Line

With this washing line, you can mount on a wall. It’s also easy to close and open it. Moreover, this washing line also offers you enough space to hang a whole washing machine load of laundry because of the retractable feature.

You can mount this washing line anywhere you want thanks to the WallFix property. It’s a good choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, you haven’t to worry about corrosion due to the Aluminium coating.


  • Great for those with limited outdoor space because you can mount it on a wall
  • Simple to replace if needed
  • Comes with the Aluminium pre-coated steel covering to prevent potential corrosion
  • Ease of use
  • Helps to save room


  • Requires careful handling when folding it for the storage

5. Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer Washing Line

This is a unique option. It is an ultra-light washing line. You can also adjust it according to your height. It provides you with room for airing low position garments like bedding. It’s a good choice for family use.

You will also receive a firm anchor. It’s easy to install the washing line. Moreover, you can also easily remove the model from its fixed position. This model comes with 4 arms.


  • Allows for your height adjustment
  • Simple to install on the ground
  • Doesn’t require to reposition when loading the clothes
  • Prevent corrosion due to the galvanized steel plate
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for heavy clothes


I have to say the rotary clothes washing lines are better than traditional clotheslines. This is a good choice to save space. Moreover, it’s an environment-friendly option for you. Plus, it’s friendly for your wallet.

It evens can help to decrease the power bills since it doesn’t require you to dry your laundry with a machine. Hopefully, our top 5 best products and their customer’s reviews can help you make a wise option. Happy shopping!

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