When it comes to guitar accessories, cables, bands or stands are often thought of, but in fact, a capo is the most commonly used guitar accessory and clear result. most obvious.

In the present market, guitar players can find a wide variety of capos. Each type of capo is advertised with countless styles. Therefore, to figure out which type of capo is the best seems impossible. In this article, through customer reviews, we will point out the most suggested capo types for an acoustic guitar.

What are a capo and its effect?

First of all, we want to clarify the concept of capo and its effect on an acoustic guitar. A capo is a clip that holds and holds the strings on the neck of the guitar. Capo can also be used on electric guitars but this is uncommon. Users can adjust the length and opening of the capo to suit the neck of different types of guitar.

Capo is like a third hand to guitar players. For example, when you clip capo to fret 2 it is the same as having your finger on the fret. Therefore, when using capo, you will easily play and combine chords.

These types of capo are highly appreciated by users

1. Kyser Quick-Change Capo

Kyser Quick-Change Capo is a special type of capo because it is made by hand in Texas. Therefore, right from the moment you hold the capo in your hand, you will realize that this is a lavish and high-quality capo.

This type of capo is cast from aluminum, so its weight is not large and durable. Kyser Quick-Change Capo is designed with a steel spring that makes it easy to open and grip the guitar with just one hand.

Kyser manufactures this type of capo with many color choices such as black, blue, yellow and white. Even this type of capo has new designs such as the American flag, tie-die, and copper vein. Moreover, although it looks expensive, the price of this capo is very affordable.

2. Nordic Essentials Guitar Capo Deluxe

Next, one type of capo clamp that you should consider is the Nordic Essentials Guitar Capo Deluxe. People use a high-grade zinc alloy to make material for this capo. It has a steel spring and silicon pad to make using capo easier.

On the market, Nordic Essentials Guitar Capo Deluxe is available in different colors with bronze, black, gold and matte silver. Capo has a great design and it’s easy to use. Moreover, when you buy this capo, you will receive a separate bag with the brand name printed.

3. Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30

When mentioning capo, people often think of the Shubb brand. Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 is a famous Shubb capo with elegant style and excellent quality. This capo has an impressive design with a flip lever combined with a rolling mechanism, allowing users to clamp and remove the capo simply.

Made of high-quality steel and not too soft rubber, in particular, the rubber layer simulates the feeling of the finger, so the sound is not heavy, but the opposite is very natural and even. This is why this is considered the type of capo that you absolutely must own.

4. D’Addario Planet Waves NS Artist Classical Capo

Typically, classical guitarists often do not emphasize the use of a capo. However, with this extremely modern and flexible design by D’Addario Planet Waves NS Artist Classical Capo, guitarists will be completely convinced by the amazing function of this capo.

This type of capo is used for classical guitar. The characteristic of this guitar is that the neck is flat or not radius. D’Addario Planet Waves NS Artist Classical Capo Specially made from aluminum that is used in aircraft manufacturing, so the volume of this type of capo is very small.

To help users adjust the pressure, help sound from noise, they have designed this type of capo with a micrometer pressure adjustment. Although the cost of this type of capo is not the advantage, what it gives you worth the price.

5. Donner DC-2

Listed on the list of the cheap capo, but Donner DC-2 makes users surprised by its quality. Although it is not possible to bring the sound quality perfect as mentioned above, it provides users with standard sound and modern design. This type of capo is made of zinc alloy with low weight and relative quality.

It also includes a steel spring and a piece of silicon wire clip. Besides, you can also choose the color that suits you from its existing color palette of gold, black, silver or cinnamon. Although it costs less than $ 10, Donner DC-2 is considered a suitable capo if you are just beginning to use a capo.

Wrap up

Hopefully, readers will choose a type of capo from the list we have listed in the article. Try using different types of capo and you will experience many interesting designs of capo types.

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