The light plays an important role in growing successfully. It is actually an important factor for healthy growth as well as yields of potent buds. Nowadays, there is a variety of grow lights designed for growing cannabis. However, not all of these lights are equal.

They can available in differences in terms of effectiveness and costs. Therefore, it is easy to get confusing, especially for beginners to cannabis cultivation. In this article, we will tell you the different kinds of lighting you can use for growing weed. Also, we will give you both their pros and cons. So, keep reading this article to learn about them.

Fluorescent (CFL) Grow Lights

The compact fluorescent lights (CFL) may be found in many places. Indeed, you can get them from home improvement stores as well as most grocery stores. If you are going to grow your weed in a small space, this lighting system is a good option for you. The fluorescent grows lights are also considered to be affordable starter lights.


The advantages of the fluorescent grow lights include their availability and low cost. They are known for standard sockets. Therefore, these lights allow you to use any standard light fixture.

As a grower, you should use these lights for growing marijuana range from 40w and upwards. These lights come in various color temperatures like daylight at 6500K.

The fact is that bulbs designed with a daylight spectrum are a great option for the vegetative growth phase. And, if you are looking for ones for the flowering phase, it’s better to choose warmer CFLs with their more reddish light.


These lights come with the lower output when compared to other types of grow lights. You will need to place these lights very near your plants in order to provide them sufficient light. If you don’t use a number of CFL bulbs, they are great for smaller grows. It means you only should use these lights for growing one or two plants.

On the other hand, you can consider choosing CFL grow lights for clones and seedlings. They are ideal. However, they are not very efficient when compared to other choices out there.

HID Grow Lights (MH & HPS)

HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge grow lights. This lighting system is also one of the popular choices for growing cannabis. According to many growers, these lights offer the best and biggest yields.

The HID grow lights include two main types. They are Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium lights (HPS). There is a little difference between these HID lights. In fact, MH lights offer a cooler light compared to HPS lights. Well, HPS lights give a red end of the spectrum.

Therefore, MH lights are great for the vegetative phase of your plants, while HPS is better suitable for flowering. As a grower, you can combine them for the duration of your grow. If you have to choose one of them for any reason caused, we recommend you to choose an HPS light.

The most popular product of HID lights is the 600w HPS light. It ensures to give a good balance between the output and the electricity they use.


HID lights are more affordable than some other types of grow lights. Also, you can set up and operate them with ease.


These lights are powerful. In fact, they are in the 600w range or more, so they can offer big amount of heat. You know, these lights degrade over time. It also means that their lifespan is a drawback. And, you will need to replace your bulb in a short time.

LED Grow Lights

In the past, these lights are not great for any serious grow. However, they have become one of the most favorite choices in recent years. There are more lumens per watt found in modern LED grow lights. These lights can surpass other lighting systems like HID lights.


These lights are known as the most energy-efficient grow light. They promise to give the most light. Besides, these lights run much cooler than HID grow lights. Indeed, they just produce barely any heat at all. Therefore, it’s not essential to worry about the risk of burning your plants caused by too much heat.

In addition, these grow lights are designed to keep the temperature in your grow room down. Not like HID grow lights, they don’t require a ballast for working. They can be plugged into a standard outlet.


The LED grow lights seem to be more expensive than other types of lighting. That’s because you may have to pay thousands of Euros for modern LED in the high-end grow LED fixtures. However, if you want to grow a lot, it’s good for your initial investment over time due to the lower temperatures as well as the lower running costs of LED.


When looking for the best grow light for your growing weed, there are many factors you need to consider before making your decision such as the size of your growing area and the cost you will have to pay.If you are looking for ones that max out your yields during your plant’s flowering phase, we recommend you to choose a powerful light such as LED equivalent or HID light. If you just want to grow your weed in a small grows room, you can choose a less powerful light.

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